All ideas streamlined into a single flow of creativity. SmiltÄ—.

LA offices

I’m a curious person who likes to try and learn new things.

Coming from graphic design, I worked in photography, video, animation and web design projects and couple of years ago my curiosity make me learn CSS and HTML, what I believe that together with my graphic skills and UX/UI knowledge can help me to be great product designer. What if we work together, I try to learn as much as possible from working with you and I contribute with my skills, passion and hard work?

If you are thinking in the typical work interview questions my 3 strong points are, perseverance, passion about my work and keep learning about it and I always try to make it easy to work with me and help the team.

On my personal live, I’m a nature lover so I try to expend as much time as possible in the ocean or the mountain, surfing, skiing or snowboarding and hiking. Also a futbol lover, play it or watch it, but always finish with a beer!
Hope to speak about all of that soon, answer all your questions and share a coffee!